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Captain Pirate (1952)


Captain Pirate (1952). After a series of pirate raids in the West Indies, physician and former pirate Peter Blood (Louis Hayward), who’s living a quiet life with his fiancée, Doña Isabela (Patricia Medina), is arrested. When Isabela’s pleas to the governor on Peter’s behalf go unheeded, she turns to Peter’s former first mate, Angus (Charles Irwin), for assistance. Once freed, Peter and his comrades return to the seas to track down and stop the real pirates while evading British Capt. Hilary Evans (John Sutton).

Directed by Ralph Murphy
Produced by Harry Joe Brown
Screenplay by Robert Libott, Frank Burt, John Meredyth Lucas
Based on Captain Blood Returns by Rafael Sabatini
Starring Louis Hayward, Patricia Medina, John Sutton, Charles Irwin, Ted de Corsia, Rex Evans, Malú Gatica, George Givot, Robert McNeeley, Nina Koshetz, Lester Matthews, Sven Hugo Borg, Sandro Giglio

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