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Fortunes of Captain Blood (1950)


Fortunes of Captain Blood (1950). When he unwittingly sends some of his men into a trap, pirate Captain Peter Blood decides to rescue them. They’ve been taken prisoner by the Spanish Marquis de Riconete who is now using them as slave labor harvesting pearls from the sea. With help of the Marquis’ daughter Isabelita he not only manages to rescue his men but also vanquishes the Marquis in a sea battle.

Directed by Gordon Douglas
Produced by Harry Joe Brown
Screenplay by Michael Hogan, Robert Libott, Frank Burt
Based on The Fortunes of Captain Blood by Rafael Sabatini
Starring Louis Hayward, Patricia Medina, George Macready, Alfonso Bedoya, Dona Drake, Lowell Gilmore, Wilton Graff, Curt Bois, Lumsden Hare, Billy Bevan, Harry Cording, Duke York, Sven Hugo Borg, Martin Garralaga, James Fairfax, Charles Irwin, Terry Kilburn, Alberto Morin, Nick Volpe


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