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Longitude (2000)


Longitude (2000). Academy Award winner Jeremy Irons stars in this sweeping adaption of Dava Sobel’s best-selling book of high seas adventure and political intrigue. Determined to stop shipping losses on the oceans of the 18th century, Britain’s Parliament offers a fabulous cash award to anyone who can devise a way to determine longitute at sea. Convinced he can solve the problem that has defeated England’s best minds, rural clock maker John Harrison (Michael Gambon) begins an obsessive, 40-year struggle to claim the Longitude prize with his ingenious marine clock. 200 years later, naval officer Rupert Gould (Jeremy Irons) stumbles across Harrison’s forgotten chronometers and devotes himself to restoring these long-neglected mechanical masterpieces.

Written by Charles Sturridge, Dava Sobel (book)
Directed by Charles Sturridge
Producer Selwyn Roberts
Starring Michael Gambon, Jonathan Coy, Christopher Hodsol, Gemma Jones, John Nettleton, Nigel Davenport, Ian Hart, Liam Jennings, Frank Finlay, Andrew Scott, John Normington, John Standing, John Wood, Ian McNeice, David Wood, Mark Tandy, Stephen Fry, Samuel West, Bill Nighy, Brian Cox, Peter Vaughan, Clive Francis, Tim McInnerny, Stephen Simms, Cliff Parisi, Rupert Baker, Charles Gray, Trevor Cooper, William Scott-Masson, William Thomas, Ian Burfield, John Quentin, Alfred Burke, Nick Reding, Charles Edwards, Gary Waldhorn, Frederick Warder, Pip Torrens, Frederick Treves, Nicholas Rowe, Heike Makatsch, T. P. McKenna, Kelvin Cook, Peter-Hugo Daly, Eliza Darby, Duane Fierro, Daniela Lavender, Roger Lloyd-Pack, Gavin Molloy, Daragh O’Malley, Jeremy Irons, Peter Cartwright, Anna Chancellor, Geoffrey Hutchings, Robert Demeger, Sarah Badel, Alec McCowen, Sophie Millett, Lucy Akhurst, Michael Cochrane, John Leeson, Peter Penry, Sasha Hails, Rebecca Clay, Richard Janes, Faith Kent, John Quayle, James Bradshaw, Barbara Leigh-Hunt, Clare Moody, Joe Williams

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