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Masquerade (1988)


Masquerade (1988). Olivia Lawrence (Meg Tilly), heiress to her recently deceased mother’s sizable fortune, travels in the elite social circles of the Hamptons. Olivia becomes infatuated with Tim Whalen (Rob Lowe), an attractive yacht captain who appears to be uninterested in her money. But the duplicitous Tim — with help from Olivia’s stepfather, Tony Gateworth (John Glover), and childhood friend, Mike McGill (Doug Savant) — is plotting something sinister against the unwitting heiress.

Directed by Bob Swaim
Produced by Michael I. Levy
Written by Larry Brody (uncredited)
Screenplay by Dick Wolf
Starring Rob Lowe, Meg Tilly, Kim Cattrall, Doug Savant, John Glover, Dana Delany, Erik Holland, Brian Davies, Barton Heyman, Bernie McInerney, Bill Lopatto, Pirie MacDonald, Maeve McGuire, Ira Wheeler, Timothy Landfield, Karen McLaughlin, Nada Rowand, Edwin Bordo, Bruce Tuthill, James Caulfield, Boz Scaggs, Henry Ravelo, Lois Diane Hicks, Dorothy Lancaster, Marilyn Raphael, Dick Wolf, Evan O’Neill, Jimmy Raitt, Robert D. Wilson Sr., Michael Tadross, Benjamin Lee Swaim, Christopher Thomas Swaim

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