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The Sea Hawk (1924)


The Sea Hawk – who escapes the treachery of a dastardly sea dog (Wallace Beery) and becomes the scourge of Spain’s navy. Two-time Academy Award(r) winner Frank Lloyd helms the excitement, hewing closer to the Sabatini novel than would the later Errol Flynn movie, using full-sized ships during filming and finding his sea legs years before guiding 1935’s Oscar-winning Best Picture Mutiny on the Bounty.

Directed by Frank Lloyd
Produced by Frank Lloyd
Screenplay by J. G. Hawks
Based on The Sea Hawk by Rafael Sabatini
Starring Milton Sills, Enid Bennett, Lloyd Hughes, Wallace MacDonald, Marc McDermott, Wallace Beery, Bert Woodruff, Claire Du Brey, Lionel Belmore, Cristina Montt, Albert , Prisco, Frank Currier, William Collier Jr., Medea Radzina, Fred DeSilva, Kathleen Key, Hector Sarno, Robert Bolder, Fred Spencer, S.E. Jennings, Henry A. Barrows, Carl D. Bruner, Edwards Davis, Andrew Johnston, Theodore Lorch, Louis Morrison, George O’Brien, Kate Price, George Romain, Walter Wilkinson, Nancy Zann



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