A High Wind in Jamaica (1965)


A High Wind in Jamaica (1965). The Thorntons are a British family living in Jamaica in 1870. When they decide to send their children back to England for a proper education, the long journey home quickly turns into pandemonium when a pirate ship, led by Capt. Chavez (Anthony Quinn), attacks their vessel. As the pirates begin to loot and pillage, the children mistake the pirate ship for their own. Now trapped on an unfriendly vessel, the children must figure out a way to reunite with their parents.

Directed by Alexander Mackendrick
Produced by John Croydon
Written by Richard Hughes
Screenplay by Stanley Mann, Ronald Harwood, Denis Cannan
Based on A High Wind in Jamaica (1929)
Starring Anthony Quinn, James Coburn, Deborah Baxter, Dennis Price, Lila Kedrova, Nigel Davenport, Isabel Dean, Kenneth J. Warren, Ben Carruthers, Gert Fröbe, Brian Phelan, Trader Faulkner, Charles Laurence, Charles Hyatt, Dan Jackson