Sailingmovies.net is a site with an ever growing list of movies, documentaries and videos that are set on, or have a sailing vessel feature prominently within the story. No frills, no bling, just a straight-up portal to where you can find the films.


We have tried to find the largest full colour poster available for each title, and displayed this on each movie page. As these have all been from open sources, feel free to save them for yourself. They are gathered within each page of their respective decade, and linked to their individual movie page. There is also a page with films or features found on YouTube.


There is no rating or review within any of these pages, only the ones you will find by following the links provided to where they reside at the source. The basic movie descriptions we are using are taken from Amazon, iTunes or Google Play unless otherwise stated.


Note that these icons have affiliate links embedded from Amazon, iTunes and eBay as appropriate, for which we earn a (very) small amount as an associate from qualifying purchases to help pay for the site – but this doesn’t cost you anything extra!


Click on one of the menus above to start browsing. This is a great place to find both popular features and obscure films that may be hard to find. You’ll likely see many that you had not heard of before. If there is a specific title that you are searching for, use the search function with the magnifying glass icon that is at the top left of every page which will search the entire site regardless of where the film may reside. You can enter the name of a film, actor, director, producer or writer as we’re slowly adding all of this information. If they are credited, you should find them.


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Happy sailing!