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Avred Fuchs Sails the North Atlantic Greenland to Germany is about Arved Fuchs and his team on their most recent expedition across the North Atlantic begins on the 80-year-old sailing ship “Dagmar Aaen”, from Greenland’s west coast, via Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Ireland and Scotland to the North German coast. Very well made with some great scenery. This is Part 1 of a 5 part series. So far I’ve only found Parts 1 & 5 only. Anyone know where to find Parts 2-4?


CAPTAIN LIZ CLARKS SOLO VOYAGE ON THE HIGH SEAS is not a bad 9(ish) minute YouTube video about her solo ailing since 2006.


THE FASTNET YACHT TRAGEDY OF 1979 is a BBC documentary about the story of a Force 10 gale which decimated the 1979 Fastnet race, the last of the Admiral’s Cup events in that year. A massive search and rescue operation was begun as half of the 300 yachts competing went missing in a 20,000 area square of the Irish Sea. The death toll was 15, and the ramifications are still felt today with the increased safety requirements introduced in the aftermath.


FORTY-TWO FEET OF TEAK is a First-Person Narrative Documentary Filmed Aboard A 51 Year Old Wooden Ship During Her Owner’s Epic Solo 1000+ Nautical Mile Voyage From Seattle To San Francisco Through Ten Degrees of Latitude Reaching 300+ Nautical Miles Offshore.


HOLD FAST is a documentary (which the author calls a videozine) that I came cross on YouTube that was made by a group that calls themselves the Anarchist Yacht Clubb. It won’t be for everyone, and the narrators voice may get on your nerves, but it does give a pretty good demonstration of what you can accomplish with determination and next to no money.


Joshua Slocum: Sailing Alone Around the World is a documentary from History Television back in 2000. It’s about Joshua Slocum, a man from Nova Scotia that was the first man to sail single-handedly around the world.


Laura Decker of Maidentrip fame giving a talk at the Ideacity Conference in Toronto.


Sailing the South Pacific is a video from 1993 (I think) from Bob Bitchin’ that looks like it has been converted from VHS and uploaded to YouTube…with associated video and sound quality. Since such videos are so prevalent now all over the net, all with much better quality, you may be disappointed with your viewing experience. It is interesting though to think about this in the context of the time it was made, and likely would have been a prized video for those who found it back in the early 90s.


THE TANGAROA EXPEDITION is a tribute to the original Kon-tiki expedition that crossed the Pacific in 1947 on a primitive raft made of balsa wood. Slow in some places but a fascinating look at what many thought were just some silly people on the water.


Twenty Eight Feet: Life on a Little Wooden Boat is a short documentary about David Welsford, who has given up the luxuries of land in search for happiness and adventure on a 50 year old wooden boat he restored from a scrap heap.


True Caribbean Pirates captures the events and tales of piracy that were said to take place in the Caribbean during the time starting when  Christopher Columbus made his landing in the West Indies during 1492. The land of the Caribbean had attracted the attention of many but was dominated by Spain; as they mined plenty of riches and gold out of the region. This drew attention to the land and disruptions arose – creating chaos in the new world. Regions such as Holland, England and France all began to send privateers into the land so they could also establish a presence.


Chasing Bubbles is a movie about Alex Rust, a charismatic 25 yr old kid from Indiana who trades the life of a young stock trader for that of derelict sailboat captain. With no previous experience, he and his bearded pals dare to circumnavigate the globe in desperate pursuit of a meaningful life. Watch their adventures aboard their 39 foot sailboat fondly named: “Bubbles.”