Robinson Crusoe (1997)


Robinson Crusoe (1997). On the run from Britain after killing another man in a duel, Robinson Crusoe (Pierce Brosnan) is shipwrecked on a small island and forced to fend for himself. Crusoe struggles with isolation and memories of his beloved Mary (Polly Walker). He eventually enlists the help of Friday (William Takaku), a native tribesman he has saved from being killed as a sacrifice. As Crusoe and his new companion forge a bond, they must fight for survival against the elements and also Friday’s dangerous tribe.

Directed by Rod Hardy, George T. Miller
Produced by Njeri Karango
Written by Christopher Lofton
Starring Pierce Brosnan, William Takaku, Polly Walker, Ian Hart, James Frain, Damian Lewis, Martin Grace, Sean Brosnan, Lysette Anthony, Tim McMulian, Mal Tobias, Jim Clark