And The Sea Will Tell (1991)


And The Sea Will Tell is the true story based on a book by Vincent Buglosi and Bruce Henderson. TV movie with Richard Crenna and Rachel Ward about the real-life murder of Mac and Muff Graham on Palmyra Atoll. Vincent Bugliosi was the attorney for Eleanor “Muff” Graham. No bodies were ever found, but their yacht, the Sea Wind, was sailed to Hawaii by another couple who were suspected of the murder and convicted of the theft of the yacht.

Directed by Tommy Lee Wallace
Produced by Mark Bacino, Michael E. Steele
Written by Vincent Bugliosi
Starring Richard Crenna, Rachel Ward, Hart Bochner, Deidre Hall, John Kapelos, Susan Blakely, James Brolin, Clyde Kusatsu, Danny Kamekona, Mavor Moore, Sheila Moore, Marion Gilsenan, Garwin Sanford , Kevin McNulty, Terence Kelly, Anna Hagan, Douglas Newell, Ken Camroux-Taylor, Dana Still, Denis Simpson, Daliah Novak, Gary Jones, Lindsay Bourne, Ken Kramer, Peter Hanlon, Laura Wallace-Rhodes, Robin Mossley, Alvin Sanders, Bill Dow, Wendy Noel, Don Thompson, Paul Jarrett, Betty Phillips, Donna Yamamoto, Frank C. Turner, Jane Mortifee, P. Lynn Johnson, Beau Daniels, Christopher Gehrman