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Overboard (1978)


Overboard (1978) Attractive, affluent married couple Mitch and Lindy Garrison sail their yacht to Tahiti to recharge their relationship and add spice to their upper-middle-class lives.

Directed by John Newland
Written by Hank Searls
Produced by Alan Jay Factor
Starring Angie Dickinson, Cliff Robertson, Michael Strong, Lewis Van Bergen, Vincent Di Paolo, Andrew Duggan, Gary Edwards, Stephen Elliott


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  1. Patricia April 6, 2023

    I very well recall both THEE original Overboard from 1978. It impressed upon y emotion so deeply because of the last scenes of the movie. Very emotional and tragic. Ill see if i can find a streaming to allow me to watch again despite the tragic ending. Hollywood should never have renamed another movie with some slight semblance o the original. I tbink its insulting to the artistry of the original


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