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The Dove (1974)


The Dove (1974). Based on a true story, a young man’s (Joseph Bottoms) sails a small boat solo around the world.  He meets a girl (Deborah Raffin) who follows him from port to port as he completes his five year voyage.

Directed by Charles Jarrott
Produced by Gregory Peck
Screenplay by Peter S. Beagle, Adam Kennedy
Based on the book by Derek L.T. Gill, Robin Lee Graham
Starring Joseph Bottoms, Deborah Raffin, John McLiam, Dabney Coleman, John Anderson, Colby Chester, Ivor Barry, Setoki Ceinaturoga, Reverend Nikula, Apenisa Naigulevu, John Meillon, Gordon Glenwright, Garth Meade, Peter Gwynne, Cecily Polson

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