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80° North: Sailing On Top Of The World


80° North: Sailing On Top Of The World is a great addition to your sailing movies library. It’s a new mini-series from SV Delos and 59 North that covers their sail around Svalbard, Norway.

Over the past 2 years, they have been editing mountains of footage and created a very professional 4-part mini-series which totals roughly 2 hours if you watch the episodes back-to-back.

From the official trailer – Eight sailors, filmmakers and adventurers pile into a 48 ft sailboat with the goal of exploring and capturing the beauty of Svalbard, the Northernmost settlement in the world, only 600 miles from the North Pole. The sailing expedition brings 24 hours of sunlight, dangerous glacial ice flows and up-close encounters with polar bears, beluga whales, walrus’ and much more!

On their website 80northseries.com, they set up a “pay what’s fair” scheme that let’s you decide whatever you want to pay them for the series. Just enter the amount and then you will have access to the screening room, where you’ll have access to the four video streams to watch at you leisure.

Directed by Alex Blue, Kiril Dobrev, Brady Trautman
Produced by Brady Trautman, Brian Trautman, Karin Syren
Starring Alex Blue, Kiril Dobrev, Brady Trautman, Brian Trautman, Karin Syren, James Austrums, Andy Schell, Mia Karlsson


Who is SV Delos?

SV Delos is one of the worlds largest YouTube Sailing channels. Providing weekly adventure packed episodes to their dedicated “Delos Tribe” fan base, they reach over 3 million viewers a month! Over more than 10 years they have sailed close to 100,000 Nautical Miles. The YouTube channel tops 600k subscribers and inspires people from all walks of life to follow your heart and live a life worth living. Visit svdelos.com to learn more!

Who is 59 North?

59º North is all about offshore sailing. Since 2015, with crew from all walks of life, they have sailed a Swan 48 ISBJORN and a Swan 59 ICEBEAR over 10,000 bluewater miles per year! 59º North passages are for those folks who’ve dreamed of seeing stars down to the horizon, who’ve yearned to lose sight of land for days on end, who’ve wanted to unplug from the world ashore and seek real adventure on the high seas. Check out 59-north.com to learn more!


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