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One Simple Question (2014)


One Simple Question (2014). Teresa and Ben will set sail on a journey of adventure and simplicity. Shedding the comforts of a familiar lifestyle, they board their small sailboat and venture north in search of an iceberg. The documentary film titled, One Simple Question, will follow them as they embark from a life cluttered with stress and belongings and sail toward an awakening of their hearts and minds. For the first time Ben and Teresa will travel together aboard one boat and attempt to transition from captains of their own vessels, to co-captains of one vessel. The film will chronicle their journey. It will be an experience that will captivate audiences and awaken their senses through the thrills and hardships of a life at sea – from simplequestionmovie.com

Directed by Derek Alan Rowe
Produced by Benjamin Carey, Teresa Carey, Ben Eriksen, Chuck Killorin , Derek Alan Rowe
Written by Teresa Carey
Starring Benjamin Carey, Teresa Carey, Wallace J. Nichols

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