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Captains Courageous (1996)


Captains Courageous (1996). The second richest person in the world, orphaned and spoiled rotten, encounters a cigar and the sea on his way to England for boarding school. Seasick, over the rail for real, rescued by a Gloucester fishing sailboat. Three months at sea, and a lot of growing up to do through hardship and tragedy.

Directed by Michael Anderson
Produced by Lisa Towers
Screenplay by John McGreevey
Based on “Captains Courageous”: A Story of the Grand Banks by Rudyard Kipling
Starring Robert Urich, Kenny Vadas, Kaj-Erik Eriksen, Robert Wisden, Duncan Fraser, Sandra Nelson, Terence Kelly, Colin Cunningham, Robert Thurston, Roger Cross, Eric Schneider, Campbell Lane, Kevin Hansen, Doron Bell, Ken Camroux-Taylor

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