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Sea Wolf (2009)


Sea Wolf (2009). Captain Wolf Larsen (Sebastian Koch), the Jack London’s notorious Sea-Wolf, rules the crew of his ship, the Ghost, with an iron fist. While on the high seas he takes on a castaway, the literary critic Humphrey Van Weyden (Stephen Campbell Moore). Instead of abandoning him at the next harbour, Wolf forces him to work in his crew as a ship boy. Much to Wolf’s surprise, the graft transforms Van Weyden into a hardened adversary – every bit as formidable as Wolf himself. But it’s not until the appearance of Wolf’s brother, Death (Tim Roth), and Maud (Neve Campbell), the daughter of a rival ship owner, that the dynamics truly explode into life, bringing three men to war over love, duty, life and death.

Based on The Sea-Wolf by Jack London
Written by Nigel Williams
Directed by Michael Barker
Starring Sebastian Koch, Tim Roth, Neve Campbell, Stephen Campbell Moore, Andrew Jackson, Tobias Schenke

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