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The Wackiest Ship in the Army (1960)


The Wackiest Ship in the Army (1960). The story is a fictionalized comedy of a real ship known as the USS Echo. It was a sailing vessel that originated in New Zealand and became part of the US Navy during World War II. Lt. Rip Crandall, who was a yachtsman before the war, takes command of the USS Echo, a sailing ship, for a secret mission in waters patrolled by Japanese warships.

Directed by Richard Murphy
Written by Richard Murphy, Herb Margolis, William Raynor, Herbert Carlson (based upon a story by)
Produced by Fred Kohlmar
Starring Jack Lemmon, Ricky Nelson, John Lund, Chips Rafferty, Tom Tully, Joby Baker, Warren Berlinger, Patricia Driscoll, Mike Kellin, Richard Anderson, Alvy Moore, Joseph Gallison, Teru Shimada, George Shibata


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